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WARNING: This wiki may contain strong language, mature themes, offensive remarks and opinions by users and critics. If any of this material offends you, please take care when reading articles.

Welcome to the Great Characters Wiki

The Great Characters Wiki is a wiki created by Matthewpowel that focuses on characters we consider to be the greatest or the most decent characters in fiction, whether it be a hero or a villain from a TV show, a book, a game or a movie. The wiki pays homage to childhood characters as well as the new characters around the block who still inspire us.

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Rules and Guidelines

  1. The main heading for a page is "Why He/She/It (if they're genderless) Rocks"
  2. Reasons for deleting comments are harassing other users, drastic and offensive insults, the comment being nonsensical and irrelevant or containing SJW propaganda.
  3. Harassing other users is NOT acceptable.
  4. If you do not like a character that has their own page on this wiki, that is fine, but do not bash on the character or bash on anyone who likes them.
  5. Any form of vandalism nets a permanent ban.
  6. Real-life people are NOT allowed to have pages.
  7. Any page should have at least 5 detailed reasons.
  8. If you are to add a caption to the image of the character, make the caption a famous quote from said character.
  9. ALWAYS add a image of the character to your page.
  10. Make sure your grammar is accurate when making pages.
  11. NO UNFINISHED PAGES. If you publish a page, it must be complete with all of the requirements.
  12. If your page's character has only one bad quality, make the heading "Bad Quality" or "The Only Bad Quality", instead of "Bad Qualities". You can change it at anytime if you decide to add another bad quality to the page.
  13. No one-dimensional characters. We encourage users to praise characters with personalities and deep attributes.

Any attempt to break these rules will either end in a warning, a temporary ban, a permanent ban or a report to the FANDOM staff if it is bad enough. Be grateful if we are nice to you for this.

If you have any questions, ask our staff.


Bureaucrats: Matthewpowel, Jeff35155

Admins: Matthewpowel, Jeff35155, Trevor807, Masson Thief

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