Goofy is a character created by the Walt Disney Company, and a tall, anthropomorphic dog who is best friends with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Along with not being extremely intelligent, Goofy's main flaw is predictably his clumsiness and incompetence, hence his name.

Why He Rocks

  1. Along with his pals, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, he is one of the most popular characters to be created by the Walt Disney Company.
    • In fact, he is one of Walt Disney favorites!
  2. He is a very kindhearted, good-natured, and happy-go-lucky simple-folk who always has a positive attitude towards almost everything and everyone he encounters! He is the type of character who sees anyone he meets as a potential friend like his pals, Mickey and Donald.
  3. As he continues after the 21st century, he has grown to be an even more lovable character than ever by every adaptation/show/movie he's in by being a simple country bum.
  4. With that said, he has a humble and innocent personality who is also very optimistic and blissful.
  5. He has a memorably "goofy" voice! (which fits him in an iconic manner).
  6. His blissfulness usually keeps him from any legitimate harm, as he tends to walk away from life-threatening danger with a smile.
  7. With this in mind. His clumsy, accident-prone, and silly demeanor was always done hilariously and also provides humor in a charming manner in almost all of his portrayals.
  8. His iconic yell: "AAAAAH-HO-HO-HO-HOOEY!" is timeless and hilarious.
  9. He even has his own TV show and two movies, especially when he is with his pals.
  10. In spite of his evident goofiness, he has had shown a level of intelligence, as he is shown to be a great sports player in his "How To" cartoons, which requires the ability to follow tactics.
  11. With that said, he is also smart enough to raise a child as a single parent; Max's development into a mature and responsible adult proved that his parenting skills with being a wacky & silly yet responsible Papa-Wolf was shown to be completely reliable.
    • With that said, he can either be wise or be so simple that he can have moments of incredibly clear insight.
  12. In his very own movie, "A Goofy Movie"; He was able to have serious, emotional moments with his son Max by showing how much he cares and is shown to be very relatable like many other dad's struggles with bonding with their children!

Bad Qualities

  1. He can be predictably clumsy and incompetent quite often, as his name implies.
  2. His design (while cute, appealing, iconic and fitting) can make it hard to tell that he is a dog in his future appearances since many thought he is something of a gangling cow or some sort of Cartoon Creature instead of being a dog with human characteristics; [in spite of this he did present some dog related instincts in some of his appearances when animated at times like floppy ears or even ear raises as examples, considering that his earlier appearance as Dippy Dawg was also easier to tell my appearance with canine characteristics]. But he did however strongly resemble Mickey's dog Pluto.
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