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Gloria is the deuteragonist of the 2006 Animal Studio computer animated film Happy Feet and a supporting protagonist in its 2011 sequel Happy Feet Two. She's voiced by Brittany Murphy in the first film while in the second film she's voiced by P!nk since Murphy was unable to reprise her role due to her death happened on 2009.

Why she rocks

  • Since the beggining of the first film, she establishes herself as a strong, independent and compassionate female penguin as shown when she defends Mumble when he gets bullied or when she slaps a Skua for trying to attack a baby.
  • Both Brittany Murphy and P!nk did a great job at voicing this rebellious penguin.
  • She has a cynical and sarcastic sense of humor and a great singing.
  • She loves Mumble for all he is and dosen't care about what others thinks.
  • Her design is amazing.

Bad Qualities

  • She can become a bit mean when she's angry.