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General Tsao is a character in the Sly Cooper franchise of video games.  He's the fourth boss in Sly 3:  Honor Among Thieves, (2005).  He kidnapped Panda King's daughter, and planned to force her to marry him.  The Cooper Gang have to help him rescue Jing King, and in exchange he temporarily joins the Gang for the Cooper Vault job.  

Why He Rocks

  • Outstanding voice acting by Leo Chin; he's one of the most stand out voice actors in the series who only voices one character.  
  • Amaznig character design; his shield, armor, and the scowl on his face makes him appear badass, while his short stature and the way he struts when he walks is quite humorous.  
  • The combination of his animal type and his name is the funniest part about his character; he's a rooster, and his name is General Tsao, which is a type of edible chicken that's common in China.  
  • The first phase of his boss fight is decently challenging, but more than that incredibly unique and fun.  
  • The second phase of his boss fight is much more difficult, and still kind of unique given Tsao's abilties, such as summoning ghost dragons and zombies.  
  • The final boss fight is also unique, as instead of fighting Tsao himself, you fight the Stone Dragon of the Temple to save Penelope from its clutches.  
  • General Tsao's personality is enjoyably unlikable, you really hate him and want to defeat him as quickly as possible.  
  • Despite his arrogance and shortsightedness in some instances, he's also shown some intelligence too, as he's one of the few enemies of the Cooper Gang to see through their disguises, AND locate their safe house; the only other villain to do this was Jean Bison in Sly 2:  Band of Thieves, another villain who seemed dumb at first, but could be smart on occasion.  


  • Who needs friends when you can have servants? Who needs affection when you can have obedience? Ah, why try to convince you when I can simply destroy you.  This sacred forest has been the stage for hundreds of battles, as my ancestors crushed anyone who got in their way, and you will be no different.  
  • Enough talk, Cooper!  Face me now!  And prepare for the end of your legacy!  
  • Not bad esteemed "wedding photgropher" I'm impressed you lasted this long.  
  • No!  Jing King is mine!  Once our bloodlines cross, it shall be glorious!  The Panda King in his day was magnificent.  With the Tsao name, a new generation of Kings will be unstoppable!  
  • She's a woman, she doesn't know up from down!  Once I "convinced" her father to take up meditation, she was ripe for the picking!  
  • Oh, it gets worse, Cooper!  Up until now, I've gone easy on you!  But you shall experience the ancient black art of the family Tsao!  
  • The Black Magic of the family Tsao is unstoppable!  
  • You have won this battle, but the war rages on!  Take your foolish computer. It won't help you. Jing King is mine.  
  • Beware...beware the powr of Tsao...


  • General Tsao's name is a reference to General Tso's Chicken, a popular Chinese dish. He is the second character to be named after this dish, after the Panda King's gorilla guards from the first game, named "General Tso."
    • His name could also be based off the warlord, Cao Cao, a warlord and political figure from the Chinese Three Kingdoms Era, given Cao Cao's name is pronounced "T'sao T'sao" with a slight emphasis on a "ch" sound as well. His personality could loosely be based off of his portrayal in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which portrays Cao Cao as a scheming villain with ruthless yet cunning tactics that helped win him most of Northern China.
      • Likewise, one of Cao Cao's relatives, Cao Ren, is portrayed in the Dynasty Warriors series as wielding a shield-blade very similar to General Tsao's. This is merely a coincidence.
  • Ironically (because of Tsao's misogynistic nature, believing women are ignorant), he is fooled and arrested by Carmelita, though she was first fooled by Sly.
  • Tsao fits two definitions of the words "rooster" and "cock" (another name for rooster); he is an adult, male chicken and a cocky, vain individual.
  • Tsao is one of three bird villains that can't fly in the Sly Cooper series. The other two are Arpeggio and Captain LeFwee. Like all chickens, Tsao can’t fly, Arpeggio has vestigial wings and LeFwee has a Swiss-army type weapon where his hand was.
    • Tsao is also the only bird villain to be alive. Arpeggio and LeFwee both passed away, along with Clockwerk. He is also one of three birds in total to be alive, along with Black Spot Pete and Mrs. Puffin.
  • General Tsao, along with his guards and the Stone Dragon, make up five-twelfths of the Chinese Zodiac. The rooster, the dragon, the pig, the monkey, and the tiger are all represented. The other members of the Chinese Zodiac are the sheep, the dog, the rat, the horse, the ox, the snake and the rabbit.
  • General Tsao is the second villain to discover the safe house. The first was Jean Bison in "Menace from the North, eh!" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.
  • General Tsao is one of the two Sly Cooper villains shown to have the power to reanimate the dead, the other being Mz. Ruby. Both were imprisoned specifically for this reason.
  • Where his title of "General" comes from is unknown.
  • He reuses sounds from two guards that previously occurred in the series: the vulture guards from Prague and the kangaroo guards from Yuendumu.
  • Tsao is one of three villains to receive a known mugshot, along with Dimitri and Octavio.
  • In the Japanese versions, General Tsao is voiced by Norio Wakamoto.

All Appearances

  • Sly 3:  Honor Among Thieves (2005)