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Gaston Lachaille is the deuteragonist of the 1944 novella Gigi, as well as its 1958 film adaptation of the same name. He's the heir to a large sugar fortune who's bored of making money and his rich life overall.

In the 1958 film, He was portrayed by Louis Jourdan.

Why He Rocks

  1. Louis Jourdan does a memorable performance as the wealthy Parisian rebelling against his role and steals the show in a lot of his scenes.
  2. He comes across as a fairly sympathetic character despite his many flaws and bad deeds, since even though he's filthy rich, he's born into a life where all of the constant parties, vacations, travels and mistresses are just societal expectations, to the point where he feels under a lot of social pressure to live this life, so it's nothing he can enjoy, leaving him with just boredom as a remaining opinion as he knew he was locked in his position as were the mistresses.
  3. He's gets a fair share of noteworthy music numbers that greatly describe what he's like such as "It's a Bore", "She is Not Thinking of Me", and especially the noteworthy titular "Gigi" one,
  4. Even though he has a reputation for being a ladies' man who goes through various women, showering each mistress with gifts and attention until he gets tired of them and moves on to his next conquest, he's still far from heartless as he still holds a soft spot for Gigi and her family as it's the one time he could be himself, and not have to impress everyone. Sure, he still has a hit of his usual rudeness, but it's far less severe than it otherwise would have been.
  5. Speaking of which, he would eventually become so close to Gigi, his affection for her would turn into desire. It would slowly get him to truly appreciate Gigi's transition to womanhood, in a normal, genuine, non-obsessive way, and learn to become a more loyal and mature boyfriend as he begins to understand how Gigi's expectations and free-spirited natured were similar to his and come to love her.

Bad Qualities

  1. As stated above, Gaston tends to be a bit of a narcissistic jerk, with a cynical attitude towards women whom he sees as burdensome -- with his issue with Liane being a perfect example. Additionally, the film expects us to feel pity for him when Gigi starts acting like a courtesan towards the end, as he dragging her out of the restaurant and making her cry. What exactly did he expect her to act like, given her influences?