Garfield is the titular main and primary protagonist of the long-running franchise of the same name.  He is an overweight anthropomorphic sluggish orange tabby cat noted for his intense passion for lasagna.

Why He Rocks

  1. His laziness occasional sarcassm, and love for food (mainly lasagna) is his most memorable and well-known trait.
  2. While he can be rude and condescending, he occasionaly shows a caring side, especially to his owner, Jon, and best buddy/companion, Odie.
  3. He’s one of the most memorable characters in both the cartoon and comic book community.
  4. He’s also probably the most well-known animated cat in television history.
  5. Many of his voice actors do a fantastic job at providing his voice, especially Lorenzo Music and Scott Beach.
  6. He’s also got some lines of dialogue that never get old, like he’s the one that started the “I hate Mondays!” line.
  7. He has many memorable moments and running gags, like tormenting Nermal, pushing Odie off of tables and almost always eating lasagna.
  8. His unforgettable design is well-drawn by Jim Davis.
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