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"Why am I alive?" -Forky, stating the facts.

Forky is the tritagonist in Disney•Pixar computer-animated feature film, Toy Story 4. He is a handcrafted toy from a plastic spork with pipe-cleaners and googly eyes by Bonnie Anderson who insists that he's trash and not a toy.

He is voiced by Tony Hale.

Why He Rocks

  1. Tony Hale did an amazing job voicing him.
  2. For the first time in Toy Story history, we get to learn more about toys that are like Forky. He set's a good example of a character who is just a simple craft of Bonnie.
  3. He received near-instant popularity in online communities shortly after his reveal, with many people claiming to relate to his personality and insecurities.
    • He was so popular he got his own short series on Disney+ where he asks many philosophical and literal questions!
  4. Speaking of which, Forky is curious about stuff. He has his own series called Forky Asks a Question where he questions toys about random topics like money and art. In some cases, he would understand after being taught.
  5. Exceptional design. In usual genius Pixar fashion, the team managed to give a common household plastic spork a lovable, charming, and easy-on-the-eyes design. It’s simple yet cute for a craft.
  6. Forky is really funny of a character. His actions are worth a chuckle from attempting to escape an RV to throwing himself in the trash. Even when he first learns about life as a toy, he is entertaining.
  7. Forky throughout the film learns how to appreciate life overall despite being a craft that comes from the trash. In one scene of the film, Forky and Woody have a conversation. Another scene has Forky meeting Gabby Gabby and had a nice conversation with each other. Also, he started to become like a good student towards the afformed characters.
    • This can also be a sign of character development. He thinks he's trash at first, but he realizes how much he means to Bonnie.
  8. For someone as new to being alive and simple-minded, he is quite hilarious with witty lines like "I was made for soup, salad, maybe chili, and then the trash!"
  9. He can easily relate to anyone who has self-doubt, self-loathing and existential problems.
  10. With Woody's influence, he gradually shows a kind-hearted and warm personality as he is friendly towards almost everyone he meets, including Gabby Gabby, the toy who stole him away from Woody and is very sympathetic towards the former's plight and took the time to watch her try and win over Harmony.
  11. He, along with Andy’s toys, had an emotional and heartwarming goodbye to Woody at the end of the 4th film, as Woody decided to stay with Bo Peep.

Bad Qualities

  1. He used to have an existential crisis who is self-loathing and considers himself to be trash. Even going as far as causing problems albeit unintentionally.
  2. It's never explained how Forky came to life. Though the Toy Story series never did explain how toys can come to life, characters like Forky seem to be a bigger problem as he's a craft.
  3. He's naive. But he's not stupid. The film and Forky Asks a Question proves it.
  4. The infamous scene when Forky first comes to life and screams in front of Woody.
  5. Even after existing for about a year, Forky still doesn't know how he is alive.


  • It is never properly explained how he is alive.
  • He is the second spork to appear in a Pixar film, the first one being in WALL-E.
  • According to the official Funko POP!, he is actually a Pizza Planet spork as "Pizza Planet" is written on the back of the toy.