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Fog I say, Foghorn Leghorn's the name, and I, I say, I'm one of the major characters from the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies franchise, make, I say, making my debut on "Walky Talky Hawky" in 1946, direct, I say, directed by my creator, Robert McKimson, Bob McKimson that is, which, I say, which got nominated for an Academy Award for best animated short film in 1947, but lost, I say, lost to the MGM cartoon, "The Cat Concerto", I, I say, I was voiced by Mel Blanc.

Why, I Say, Why I Rock

  1. I, I say, I'm without the doubt the most memorable Looney Tunes character who was ever created.
  2. My debut was so popular, that, I say, that I got nominated for an Oscar! And Robert McKimson decided to make more cartoons with me in it!
  3. Every, I say, everything I say is so hilarious, that everyone finds it funny.
  4. Mel, I say, Mel Blanc did a wonderful performance voicing me.
  5. I, I say, I shout out the most memorable and funniest lines from the Looney Tunes cartoons.
  6. I'm, I say, I'm usually misjudged, that dawg thinks that I'm pretty stupid, but boy, I'm actually much more smarter than that there dawg thinks, I usually fool that ole' chicken hawk by tricking him numerous ways. Too, I say, too bad my plans keep backfiring on me.
  7. People, I say, people thought that I was very popular, that I spawned myself several Internet memes!
  8. I, I say, I broke the fourth wall the most times, even more times than any other Looney Tunes character did.

Bad, I Say, Bad Qualities, Flaws That Is!

  1. Some, I say, some people might root for that there dawg and chicken hawk, depend, I say, depending on how they view me.