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Florence (Margote in French) is one of the main characters and the deuteragonist from The Magic Roundabout franchise. She is an adorable young girl who is Dougal's young owner and best friend, and she goes to the Magic Garden to visit her friends.

Why She Rocks

  1. She is a cute, friendly, curious, kind-hearted, helpful, friendly, mature, optimistic, respectful and caring young girl who is down-to-earth and very polite to all of her friends.
  2. Her character design as a young girl is so adorable, even her outfit is cute. Especially when her character design was modified for the 2005 CGI film and the 2007 revival series.
  3. Her voice in the 2005 film and the 2007 series is adorable when Kylie Minogue and Sue Elliot-Nicholls respectively did a great job voicing the character.
    • In the French version of the original series, her voice is also cute when being voiced by Patricia Danot, daughter of the show's creator Serge Danot.
  4. Her relationship with her dog Dougal in general is very heartwarming in the original series, the feature films and the revival series. They both love each other very much where Dougal isn't rude to her, like he tends to do with his friends. She looks out for Dougal as he does for her and cares about him.
  5. She helps out with her friends to try and get them out of situations in most episodes, and sometimes, her friends even turn to her for help whenever they need it.
    • In "Piano Moving", she helps Dougal and Brian load the piano onto Train's van in order to get it to Edinburgh.
    • In "Emergency!", after Mr. Grimsdale crashed into the scenic panels of the Magic Roundabout when he was swerving to avoid running over Brian due to Mr. Grimsdale getting distracted by talking to Dougal, Florence immediately responds to the emergency by turning off the engine of the motorbike before helping a shaken Mr. Grimsdale back on his feet.
    • In "The Magic Roundabout Choir", she gathers her friends together to make a choir to sing to the roundabout horses when Mr. Rusty has lost his voice due to a sore throat. However, things didn't work out well at first, but Florence's friends Basil and Coral visit her and seeing how lovely they sing, Florence asks them to join the choir and she manages to direct a very good choir for Mr. Rusty.
  6. She doesn't hesitate to turn to Mr. Rusty for advice or to call for Zebedee in order to help her and those who are involved to solve a problem.
  7. She is also very level-headed in situations where she would try to calm her friends down whenever arguments breaks out.
  8. Despite being kind and nice, Florence shows a stern side with Dougal where she isn't afraid to admonish him for his rudeness or if he did something bad that caused trouble for others.
    • With that in mind, Florence would even call out Zebedee for his mischief after finding out his tricks in several episodes of the revival series.
  9. She forgives those, particularly Dougal, if they did something bad due to their selfishness, rudeness or even for lust of power. In the ending of "Dougal and the Blue Cat", Florence forgave Buxton for imprisoning her, along with her friends, in the dungeons in the factory.
  10. She is quite clever where she uses her initiative to come up with plans or ideas to help some of her friends in order to solve their problems.
    • In "Dougal's Bad Smell Day", in order to catch Dougal, Florence has a plan to lure him to her and everybody by setting out a trifle as bait for him so that when he comes to eat it, a cage will be dropped on him and that way, they'll take him to give him a bath to get rid of the horrible smell from his fur.
  11. She is one of the few characters who weren't flanderized in the infamous American version of the 2005 film and retains her original character personality.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Although she weren't flanderized in the infamous American version of the 2005 film, her dialogue was slightly changed with Kylie Minogue redubbing her lines in an American accent.