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Father Barry is the tritagonist of the 1954 film On the Waterfront. He's the town priest who's very active in his town and encourages certain people to stand up to the union mob.

He was portrayed by Karl Malden.

Why He Rocks

  1. Karl Malden does a strong and powerful performance with his role.
  2. He's very involved in his community and thinks about the safety of others, including his people who attend his church. This is shown when he told Kayo Dugan to report the union goons, and vowed to be stand up with him and finished what he started if Friendly managed to kill him. So in a way, he's also loyal.
  3. He's serves as a mentor-like figure for Terry and the other dockworkers, as he gave some speeches about how things would turn out if they continued letting the priests attack.
  4. Being a priest, he knows better than to resort to violence and murder on other people, even if those people deserve it. When Terry stated he was going avenge his brother by shooting Friendly, Barry talked him out of it, and told him get his vengeance by sending him to court instead.
  5. He's not just mentally strong, he's physically strong as well. He's got a punch that's strong enough to knock Terry across the room, and he's not afraid to risk his life if it means keeping others safe from harm.