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Ethan Edwards is the main protagonist of the 1956 film, The Searchers. He's a racist towards Native Americans including the Comanches who killed most of his family, and kidnapped his niece.

Why He Rocks

  1. John Wayne does a surprising strong performance as the anti-hero. This role is also a nice change of pace from his usual stern but kind-hearted cowboys.
  2. Ethan ended up becoming a future inspiration and model for future movie heroes and anti-heroes in the years to follow.
  3. He's a very complex character who has to deal with his racism towards Indians, despite knowing more about them than anyone in his group.
  4. Despite all of his harsh moments to others, including Martin, he does show to have a caring side as he refused to let Martin see the damage left behind from the Comanches, and the main reason he hates the Indians is because they killed most of his family.
  5. He's very strong and persistent, as shown when he had spent years searching for his niece, even after the others had lost hope.
  6. "Let's go home, Debbie."