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"Pacha, for the last time I...! Hey, wait, you're not Pacha. Ugh, how many times do I have to tell Yzma not to let peasants in without permission first? Oh well, I guess I should introduce myself." - Kuzco

Emperor Kuzco is the main protagonist of Disney's 40th animated feature film, The Emperor's New Groove.

Why He Rocks (Boom, baby!)

  1. He has a habit of 4th wall awareness and brings laughther in the process.
  2. After befriending Pacha and realizing his mistakes, he becomes more compassionate and heroic.
  3. Despite being self-centered, he is still pretty friendly.
  4. He was in the right when he fires Yzma, since she constantly tried to rule the empire behind his back. She's supposed to advise him, not do my job for him!
  5. His selfishness is partially justified, since he was raised by Yzma and she's just as selfish as he used to be, she may or may not have been the Emperor before him.
  6. Some people on the internet consider "the greatest Disney prince".

Bad Qualities (Hey, nobody's perfect.)

  1. He is not exactly the brightest character in the franchise. For example, he agreed to have dinner with Yzma and her right-hand man Kronk… right after he fired them on the dot and insulted them! He nearly got poisoned because of this, in fact the only reason, he is still alive is because Kronk messed up the potions and he got turned into a llama.
  2. He can still be egotistical in the TV series The Emperor's New School, though in a much less obnoxious manner.


  • Apparently, some pop culture website that goes by the name of TV Tropes, decided to label him as "The God of Llamas" after the trope "Everything's Better With Llamas".