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Elma (エルマ Eruma), also known as Elma Joui (上井 エルマ Jōī Eruma) as her human alias, is the fifth dragon to be introduced in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.

Why She Rocks

  1. Elma's design is really pretty; especially in human form.
    • This also goes for her work form too where she doesn't have her horn displayed (Similar to that Kanna Kamui doesn't have her horns in school form).
  2. Her famous rivalry with Tohru.
    • Coincidentally, water is the opposite of fire.
  3. Elma is also known for her vast love for sweets (Similar to Stocking)
  4. Despite being enemies with Tohru, she still gets along with Kobayashi as the series progresses.
  5. Elma does have some funny moments; most notably when she tries to decide which thing she should pick regardless at home or work.

Bad Quality

  1. Elma can be quite arrogant at times.