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Elizabeth Swann is the overral tritagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. She's the daughter of Governor Swann and later the queen of pirates played by Keira Knightley.

Why she rocks

  • She's sassy, funny and determined
  • She's probably Keira Knightley's best role
  • She's a great leader
  • She truly cares about her friends and her relationship with Jack is really powerful.
  • She's really smart as she's able to trick and defeat Beckett
  • Her accent makes her unique
  • She's one of the most popular female characters in cinema history
  • She's a good swordwoman
  • She's also pretty funny and got many funny scenes with Jack.
  • Her outfit in At World's End is pretty cool
  • She's one of those characters that actually ends to befriend with Jack.
  • In fact, she might be the most adored character Keira Knightley ever played.

Bad Qualities

  • She was annoying and unlikable in Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest
  • She never spoke of Jack to her son Henry despite their close friendship