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Hi, I'm Dot Polka. I'm the CEO of Harvey Street Enterprises, as the descendant of Little Dot. I'm also one of the main characters of Harvey Street Kids, and a member of the Harvey Girls.

Why I'm a Cute Genius

  1. I'm very cautious.
  2. I love precision, hence why I puts perfectly circular dots on everything I wore.
  3. I designing my own clothes, building my own remote control helicopter, to making my own brand of cute little gummyworms.
  4. I'm impressed with Audrey's inventions.
  5. Like Audrey, I love more boyish hobbies, including video games, rock music and skateboarding.
  6. I'm a fashion expert, as I won an award for having the best hair.
    • My hair poofs up to a full afro when she removes her hair ribbons.
  7. I made recruited mentions, like stopping earth's rotation on its axis, and making the Bloogeys have a firework and roughhouse couch destruction.
  8. My favorite colors are blue, silver, and purple.

Why I'm Brainless

  1. Like Audrey, she was interested in gross stuff, especially Gross'd!, nose picking and blowing snot bubbles.
    • I always enjoy farting, rather I won the farting contest.