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"Oh grock!"

Dorkus Aurelius, is the main villain in the Nickelodeon TV series Planet Sheen. He is the Emperor's royal advisor and is one of the smartest people on Zeenu. He, along with Nesmith, are the only 2 likable characters in the awful spin-off.

Why He Rocks

  1. Alongside Nesmith, he remains to be the only likable character in this spin-off and a decent villain on the show as because he knows about Sheen's stupidity, he makes good plans like giving him a bomb and holding it because of Sheen's stupidty.
  2. He maybe a combination pathetic and lazy parody between Professor Finbar Calamitous, but he’s honestly a good one, being one of the few cases where a rip-off character is done right.
  3. He has some good reasons for wanting Sheen gone. First off, when Sheen first arrived on Zeenu, he ends up destroying Dorkus’ house, albeit, on accident. Sheen also caused destruction for Dorkus via his actions, mainly destroying his house, albeit, on accident. It’s not hard to feel bad for the poor guy.
  4. He has a few more positives than Calamitous, as he’s able to finish sentences as well as any traps and plans he comes up with, and they all work with no flaws.
  5. Being the Emperor’s advisor, he’s also smart on what the rules are in the kingdom, and does use Sheen’s shenanigans to his advantage to try and defeat him.
  6. He is also able to get some of the most dangerous animals on his planet and uses them to try and hunt Sheen down.
  7. Being a potion user, he’s able to make all kinds of potions to use on himself to face Sheen, or use them on Sheen himself to try and take him down.
  8. He’s very good at making some entertainment, as some examples include doing a great play, despite the fact it was to trick Sheen into his traps, and doing a good magic show, despite the fact it was another way to trick Sheen into his trap.
  9. Besides wanting to get rid of Sheen, he also just wants attention and praise for the hard things he does to help the kingdom, as he’s understandably lonely, besides having Pinter. He takes whatever gift and respect he gets with a positive attitude, showing he wants to be beloved and recognized as a person, which makes him relatable.
  10. Jeff Bennett does a decent job voicing him.

Bad Qualities

  1. He’s still a rip-off of Professor Finbar Calamitous, but at least he’s likable.
  2. Dorkus can be considered a Butt-Monkey, as he normally gets hurt for no apparent reason most of the time. Like how his plans usually end up backfiring and his traps end up hurting him instead.
    • As such, some of his plans can be quite flawed and fallible (e.g going to Sheen personally, who is a total idiot, listen to him with holding a bomb to be blown up).
  3. His name, Dorkus, is very poor, uncreative, and laughable.
  4. Like all other Zeenuian’s in the show, his character design looks poor and unappealing, but it does have a decent scary villain design look.


  • In Trial by Jerry, Dorkus' last name is first mentioned as "Aurelius".
  • The pseudonym of Dorkus is "Judy" as shown in "Act 1, Sheen 1". The Emperor and Sheen think Dorkus is a great actor.
  • Considering Dorkus' place as a "villain" in the Planet Sheen Series, it is unknown whether Dorkus had the same personality prior to Sheen's arrival on Zeenu.