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Donatello or Donnie is one of the main protagonists of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 television series.

"Donatello is a fellow, has a way with machines!"

Why He Rocks

  1. He’s the most intelligent of the Turtles and the one that uses brain smarts the most.
  2. He’s very smart, stealthy, and good-hearted.
  3. He has awesome skills at using staff-like weapons, even brooms.
  4. In later adaptations of the popular series, he’s shown to have great technology smarts.
  5. He’s also an inventor that is able to develop multiple advanced devices.
  6. Rob Paulsen does an impressive performance.
  7. He cares for his family and friends.
  8. His action moments are awesome.
  9. His CGI design looks badass.
  10. His introverted personality can be related with, and his social awkwardness with April makes sense.
    • In the episode "Fungus Humungous", he greatest fear was revealed to be the fear of April hating him (and going out with someone else).
  11. He can be very humble. He will correct people if they exaggerate what he does.

Bad Qualities

  1. His voice can get annoying.
  2. He has anger issues and he can take it out on others in degrading ways.
    • He blamed Raph for losing the spy roach, but Raph was only asking questions and Donnie was the one that lost the roach in his fit of stressed rage.
    • He hated Casey simply for being close with April.
  3. He can be perceived as creepy for having pictures of April on his laptop, knowing that April might be at the park (Mikey evens implies that he finds this creepy of Donnie), calling her "my April", and being generally obsessed with her.
  4. Though he's a good friend, his compassion can be argued to be deadly for others, as when Donnie saved The Pulverizer from The Kraang and let them escape with the power cell which was used later to open the portal, and the portal was used later to let Kraang Prime through and nearly the world got terraformed.


  1. It's a running gag that Leatherhead will grab Donatello by the face whenever Leatherhead goes crazy.