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Donald Duck is a character created by the Walt Disney Company. He is a hot-headed, anthropomorphic duck that is often the victim of exceptionally bad luck. Normally depicted wearing a sailor shirt, cap, and a bow tie—but no trousers at all—Donald is a best friend and foil to Mickey Mouse, whom he sometimes envies.

Why He Rocks

  1. Along with his friends Mickey Mouse and Goofy, he is one of the most popular characters ever created by the Walt Disney Company.
  2. He serves as a constant reminder for all of us to be brave, keep searching, hold family close, and never give up no matter how great the odds are against you; in which shows when trying to do his best in old shorts where he was quite unlucky.
  3. His voice is one of the most memorable voices along with other duck characters such as Warner Bros' Daffy Duck and other Disney characters, like each one of his aforementioned friends Mickey and Goofy.
  4. He served as the perfect straight-man with the trio when with Mickey & Goofy or the straight-man with other characters.
  5. He is a likable if ill-tempered duck who is also one of the most relatable characters towards adults, this is best shown in classic Disney cartoons, that starred him or his friends, Mickey and Goofy.
  6. Whenever he is easily angered, it is quite hilarious in hindsight.
  7. Speaking of which, he is very hilarious on his own.
  8. Whenever he does make mistakes, he either gets comeuppance or tries to redeem himself.
  9. While he is arrogant and easy to anger, he is very well-meaning towards others.
  10. He makes sure to be a great, kind-hearted, responsible if grouchy uncle to his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie.
  11. He is one of the most memorable characters in Disney next to his friend Goofy.
  12. When he was featured in a not-so-good show called Quack Pack, he was the best part of the show due to his hilarious personality. His antics in that show translated very well into Modern-Day Suburbia.
    • Speaking of which, his maturity from past Disney shorts to this cartoon made him relate to adults a lot more.
  13. In his own spin-off show DuckTales, he was given more character-development while being his short-tempered self.
  14. He had his own show as the main character, The Legend of the Three Caballeros, he had a lot of character development, like his anger issues had finally died down and he saves the world with his friend Panchito and Jose.
  15. He can be put in any time and any setting and will still remain as his usual temper-prone but charming self.
  16. His famous catchphrase: "Ah Phooey!"
  17. His catchy and timeless theme song you'll love a lot!
  18. He is well portrayed in all of the TV shows, and while he got slightly flanderized in the Mickey Mouse (2013) series, he still kept his charm for the most part.

Bad Qualities

  1. When he was featured in realistic, dark shorts that feature the trio like "Der Fuherer's Face"; while a humorous but eerie short overall, can be unsettling towards some people.
    • This was better shown when Donald Duck got more psychotic than ever before (e.g carrying an ax to try to kill a harmless cow).
  2. He was slightly flanderized in Mickey Mouse (2013) where he became more angry, mean-spirited, and selfish than before to his friends, and he can be unlikable in some episodes such as "No Service" and "No". But he kept most of his charm.
    • He also became the Butt-Monkey of the show, as he normally gets hurt for no apparent reason, similar to how some episodes also occasionally treat Mickey like a Butt-Monkey.