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Don Octavio is a character in the Sly Coooper franchise.  He's the first boss in Sly 3:  Honor Among Thieves, the only game he appears in, and is a mob boss and opera singer who was poluting the canals of Venice, Italy with tar in order to achieve his evil schemes.  

Why He Rocks

  • Awesome voice acting by David Scully, who also voiced Rajan, Dimitri, and Captain LeFwee in the Sly Cooper series.  
  • Amazing character design, which oozes fear and badassery when you look at him.  
  • Incredibly funny dialogue, not just from the words he says, but also his vocal mannerisms, too.  
  • The first phase of his boss fight is really unique and fun, where you take a gondola out into the canal and have to shoot him down.  
  • The third phase of the boss fight is even better, as you have to finish him off as Murray, when the latter finally decides to fight once again; these phases makes up for the lackluster first phase of the boss fight.  
  • His tragic backstory is a clever allusion to the real-world music industry. In modern times, especially in America and some other countries, opera is fading in popularity to other genres such as rock and hip-hop, which Octavio is shown to hate throughout the game.  
  • He's one of the few villains in the series that every member of the Cooper Gang, up to that point, fights directly in some way, and the only one that's not the final boss of a particular game.  

The ONLY Bad Quality

  • The first phase of his boss fight is really boring, not to mention painfully easy, where you have to face Bentley against him in an opera duel.  


  • Good evening to you my fine, fine associates. Octavio here. I'ma pleased to report that the tar suction levels are at a all-time high. However, it saddens me to report that some of you haven't been keeping in time with the orchestra, if you know what I mean. I like to see Mario, Rafael and Julius in the main vacuum room immediately! We're gonna discuss your retirement package, and if any of you catch these boys make a run for it, well (growlsshoot 'em in the back!  
  • Well, nice of you two to stop-a by for a little "fatherly advice." Julius made a run for it, and uh, the curtain fell. Now, normally I'd wack-a both of ya, but it's-a Carnevale, and I'ma feeling charitable. So I think of something else.  
  • Okay, here's-a the deal. You two stoolies are gonna be-a my new eyes and ears. I can't let no one get near my demolition switch, or sabotage any part of the operation down here. If you hear any noise from inside of the family that someone's uh, NOT CONTENT, then you tell me straight out! I can't be taking no chances this close to showtime. Got it?!  
  •  I got a shadow, huh? You stink! Back in my day, thieves knew how not to get-a caught!  
  • Yeah, it's-a me, get that engineer on the horn.  
  • Listen Giovanni, this ferris wheel was a good idea, she's pumping the tar fast.  Nobody, but nobody suspects a thing.  But still, is it gonna be enough to get things ready for my opera recital?  Bella!  When the people come to see me sing I want to make sure they keep coming, even if they don't feel like it.  One way or the other, they'll be opera fans again.  Okay, see ya soon.  
  • Ah, Sly Cooper.  My boy on the inside picked up those pictures of me you sent to the cops.  Nice try, but I ownt his town.  
  • That's the toughest talk you got?! You're pathetic. Back in my day we had enforcers that would make people pee their pants just as soon as look at 'em.  
  • Oh, I know all about you and your cracked little gang.  You ain't nothing without this little guy's brains.  So, I figure I'll just scoop them out real slow, and use them to fertilize my tomato plants.  
  • Shut up and hold still!  
  • You won't get-a nothing but a grave, pal!  
  • Pipe-a down, lunch meat!  
  • You want this runt?  Take him!  I won't forget about this!  You guys are dead!  
  • You!  I don't recognize you...what's the secret soprano password!  
  • Okay. Pass-a word to the rest of the guards that under no circumstances am I to be disturbed during my big comeback recital!  
  • But of course. For a fellow music-a lover it would be a pleasure.  
  • On 3.  1, 2, 3.  
  • Be quick in there, you won't wanna miss out.  
  • Ah, Mr. Tomato Fertilizer.  You got a death wish?  
  • You're a vocalist? Fine, a duet is coming up. We'll sing first and then I'll gut you!  
  • Whoa, whoa, whoa-oa... that's-a the worst singing I ever heard. (shudders) I can't go on, you're too awful.  
  • Whuh? Nooooo!  
  • This over.  
  • Take that, a'punks! Ain't no school like-a the old school!  
  • No! Nobody out-sings Octavio! Not nobody!  
  • No! More to the left you idiot, we're gonna crash!!!  
  • You chasin' me fuh this! Fine big shot. It took me six months to prepare this-a thing... but what the hey! I got more where this came from.  
  • You think that was "cool" punk?  Heh-hee-heh.
  • Ha-ha-ha... ack... hack!  
  • You're right to be scared, Hippo. Your wheelchair friend shoulda been so smart.  
  • Heh-heh-hah! Without the tar I'll crush you boys like-a bugs!  
  • You may have more tar, but I'ma not holding back not longer! Listen to the song a'your death!  
  • Quit talking stupid kid, and die!  
  • So that's it. The old guard's out and a new generation steps in.  


  • The tragic backstory of Octavio is an allusion to the real-world music industry. In modern times, especially in America and some other countries, opera is fading in popularity to other genres such as rock and hip-hop, which Octavio is shown to hate throughout the game.
    • This makes him similar to Miss Decibel (the difference being that Octavio actually has some musical talent in the form of singing).
  • His name is probably based off the musical term "octave," the interval between one musical pitch and another with double or half its frequency. It could also be a pun to the character Don Ottavio in Mozart's opera Don Giovanni, as the pronunciation is practically identical.
    • His name in the Italian version of the game is, in fact, Ottavio.
    • Don Giovanni could also possibly be the inspiration for his associate.
  • While Sly describes Octavio as a tenor, he hits notes that are more associated with a bass singer.
  • The mask Octavio wears is a reference to the famous Phantom of the Opera.
  • Octavio can occasionally be heard humming the melody to the overture of "The Barber of Seville" by Gioachino Rossini.
  • Octavio's voice actor, David Scully, also voices other characters in the series, including DimitriRajan, and Captain LeFwee.
    • In the Japanese versions, Octavio's voice is provided by Kazuhiro Yamaji.
  • Octavio is one of three villains that received known sentences in prison, the others being Mz. Ruby and Cyrille Le Paradox.
    • Octavio is the only villain that received a known amount of years in prison, notably thirty years of imprisonment.
    • Octavio is also one of three villains to receive a known mugshot[5], along with Dimitri[6] and General Tsao[7].
  • Octavio is one of three characters not to like rock music, along with Salim al-Kupar and Miss Decibel.
  • Like RajanNeyla and El Jefe, Octavio is a feline villain, except the first three are tigers and he is a lion.

All Appearances

  • Sly 3:  Honor Among Thieves (2005)
  • Sly Cooper:  Thieves in Time (2013) (referenced)