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Don Lockwood is the protagonist in the 1952 musical film Singin' in the Rain. He is a famous silent-movie star in 1920s Hollywood, and the co-star of Lina Lamont.

He was portrayed by the late Gene Kelly.

Why He Rocks[]

  1. Gene Kelly does a stunning performance.
  2. He used to be a stuntman before he was an official actor which takes serious dedication.
  3. He's has a thing for coming up with snarky remarks and trying to make himself look glorious.
  4. He's shown to have a beautiful singing voice as shown in the titular song, "Singing in the Rain".
  5. He's was one of the greatest actors of his time along with his partner, Lina.
  6. He does what he can to work towards becoming a star and ended up mellowing himself out as a starts showing some true care for his co-workers.
  7. He and his friend Cosmo are hysterical together.
  8. One he found out about how much he and Kathy had in common, he ended up good friends with her and had a very touching relationship.