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John Henry "Doc" Holliday is the deuteragonist of the 1946 classic John Ford western My Darling Clementine. Based loosely on the real Doc Holliday, he's the Tombstone saloon chief and a close friend of Wyatt Earp.

He was portrayed by Victor Mature.

Why He Rocks

  1. Victor Mature just owns his role as the saloon chief and close friend of the marshal.
  2. He takes is job as the town saloon chief extremely seriously as he never takes any shit or nonsense from anybody. He very first scene has him catch a professional gambler stealing winnings and instantly kick him out of the saloon. How's that for a character introduction?
  3. Doc's backstory is very compelling as he had abandoned his girlfriend and his marshal duties due mysterious circumstances and he's tragically unable to find his place in either the civilized world of a medical practice in Boston or in the primitive west of Tombstone where he now gambles for a living. He also vacillates between his past fair, respectable girlfriend Clementine, and his wild, dark, prostitute "Apache" Chihuahua. Seeking death as the only way to relieve his present torment, leading to his instinct suicidally turning to alcohol.
  4. Despite being a very talented gunman, he's got a sense of honor and often respects certain people who could rival him terms of power and skill. Despite having a rocky start with Wyatt Earp and famously challenging him to a standoff, Holliday comes to admire Earp's honorable side and the two hit it off.
  5. He shown to be far smarter and more educated than anyone would assume as he has a couple of doctor's diplomas and knows the main soliloquy of Hamlet by heart.