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Dimitri Lousteau is a character in the Sly Cooper franchise of video games.  He first appears in Sly 2:  Band of Thieves as a member of the KLAWW Gang and the first villain, serving as the first boss of the game.  After that he isn't seen again aside from a few references here and there, but then reappears in Sly 3:  Honor Among Thieves, somehow being imprisoned in Venice, Italy.  Sly breaks him out, and in exchange Dimitri makes it to where Sly and Murray can meet up again.  He's next seen two episodes later in Holland, during which time Dimitri tells Sly how to find the flight roster, (he was the announcer for the ACES).  Then he's seen two more episodes later, when Dimitri calls in th efavor Sly promised him in Holland.  Once they complete that favor, Dimitri joins the Cooper Gang as their diver to help them in the Cooper Vault job.  

Why He Rocks

  1. Great character design.  
  2. He's one of the few villains/former villains to have known family members, along with Panda King.  
  3. Incredibly funny.  
  4. English was his second language, and he learned all his English by watching old hip hop videos; because of this, he speaks in hilarious broken English, which is one of the best comedic highlights of the entire series.  
  5. Amazing voice acting.  
  6. So many of his quotes will be remembered for years to come and are memeable beyond belief, (see Quotes below).  
  7. Really cool fighting style when you fight him.  
  8. He's one of two former enemies of the Cooper Gang to eventually join up with them, the other one being Panda King.  
  9. Extremely badass.  
  10. Unlike some other members of the new Cooper Gang, like Panda King and Penelope, he seems like he was kind of useful, as no other member of the Cooper Gang could logically fit the diving role that he served, considering that none of them could even swim, plus they didn't have diving gear before they helped Dimitri secure his grandfather's.  

Bad Qualities

  1. He has basically no role in Sly Cooper:  Thieves in Time, except for being referenced in cutscenes.  He keeps the thieveus raccoonus for them while they travel through time, and tells them about new time periods they have to go to, but has no dialogue, which is like more then half of his appeal.  
  2. While his skills are definitely useful in Sly 3, considering hw late you get to play as him in the game, there's only two segments, which is kind of a letdown.  
  3. The sudden crush he develops on Penelpe in the final epsidoe of Sly 3 is extremely cringeworthy, even for him.  


  • Ga! So, raccoonus doodus!  You're like totally bummin' my house up and bringin' it down!  How* very uncool!  Why can't you just let birds and bees be free, bro!?  
  • Look bro, I see you are a tough cowboy, a man with taste, style, vision, a coneseur of finer things, like me.  Look, I'm sure two cats in a bag like us can work something out, huh?  We smoove!  Look, you see the money, you like the money, you can take all you want, I can...
  • What is this with clocks, bro? Have you no vision? Are you hearing what I beam to you? You think you have juice? Don't show me a little mind when talking about such big things... you think you can swing the bat? Show your bling and let me shine you!  


  • Dimitri displayed a painting in his office, which surprisingly has yet to be forged.
  • Dimitri seemed to have put on some weight during Sly 3, at least when he was seen wearing his diving gear.
  • Dimitri is one of six characters in the series to smoke. The others were Inspector BarkleyMuggshotConner CooperTennessee Kid Cooper, and El Jefe, though they smoked cigars (except for Conner; he smoked pipes), while Dimitri smoked cigarettes.
    • After Dimitri donned the diving gear in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, however, he is no longer seen smoking. Due to his limited appearances, he was never seen smoking in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, excluding the announcement trailer. This makes him one of four smoking characters ever to stop smoking, along with Tennessee, Muggshot, and El Jefe.
  • Dimitri's tongue in Sly 2: Band of Thieves is green, but in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, it is purple.
  • Dimitri is the only villain in Sly 2 to have a splash intro screen, this was done for the Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal demo.
  • If his grandfather had never lost his diving gear, it's possible that Dimitri would not have been born.
  • In Sly 3, although he is not identified in the prologue, Dimitri can be seen in his diving gear.
  • Dimitri is noticeably shorter in Thieves in Time.
  • Although Dimitri's flashlight guards appeared in PlayStation Move Heroes, Dimitri himself had no connection with the story of that game.
  • Dimitri is one of only two Klaww Gang members that take only one episode to beat, with the other being Arpeggio.
  • His voice actor, David Scully, also voiced RajanOctavio and LeFwee.
    • Scully did not voice Dimitri in Thieves in Time, as he had no spoken lines. It would be more appropriate to say that Scully provided Dimitri's voice for the teaser trailer for the game.
      • This makes Dimitri one of two characters not to have spoken dialogue in one out of multiple games they appeared in[23], along with Clockwerk[24].
  • Dimitri is the only member of the Klaww Gang who appeared in more than one game.
  • Due to his defeat in "The Black Chateau" and subsequent arrest, he was the only Klaww Gang member not to appear at Rajan's ball.
    • Dimitri is also one of three villains to receive a known mugshot, along with Octavio and Tsao.
      • Dimitri's mugshot depicts him as hold a sign that reads, "DIMITRI L". It was not revealed in Sly 2 that his last name is "Lousteau", so this could possibly give a hint to players about the detail (which would later be revealed in Sly 3).
      • Dimitri's mugshot is the only one that depicts the villain as wearing his normal attire, as opposed to black and white prison clothing.
  • While a member of the Klaww Gang, he referred to his guards as his "nightclub samurai."
  • Some of Dimitri's forged paintings can be seen in the Cairo Museum of Natural History.
  • Dimitri appears in every part of the trilogy, with the only exception being Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.
  • His mother is one of five parents in the series not to have a confirmed name. The others are Muggshot's mother, Sly's motherCyrille Le Paradox's father, and Jean Bison's father.
  • Dimitri is one of four characters in the series engaged in a boss fight both as a protagonist and an antagonist[25], along with the Panda King[26], Penelope[27], and Murray[28] (but Murray only counts because his boss fight involves him being brainwashed).
  • He is one of six characters in the series to drink alcohol. The others are the Contessaher husbandSir Raleigh, Sly and Carmelita.
  • Dimitri is the only addition to the Cooper Gang not to touch his hand to everyone else once recruited. Rather, he gives a thumbs-up instead.  

All Appearances

  • Sly 2:  Band of Thieves (2004)
  • The Adventures of Sly Cooper Comics (2004-2005)
  • Sly 3:  Honor Among Thieves (2005)
  • Sly Cooper:  Thieves in Time (2013)