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WARNING: This character article contains major spoilers for
Super Paper Mario
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Dimentio is the main antagonist and the final boss of Super Paper Mario.

Why He Rocks

  1. Even though he is a villain, he sometimes makes various jokes.
  2. Unlike other villains, he likes to hide his psychotic intentions and likes to trick others into believing his loyalty is true, much like Bill Cipher.
  3. He is very intelligent. He is smart enough to manipulate others into getting the Chaos Heart, and he almost succeeded if Mario didn't manage to stop him.
  4. His design is pretty interesting, both the usual form and the final form known as "Super Dimentio".
  5. His boss battles are pretty fun.
  6. His theme song is also pretty good.
  7. Unlike many villains in the Mario franchise, he goes out of his way to outright attempt to kill Mario & Co. in their own hub world (Flipside).