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Diego is one of the three main protagonists of the Ice Age franchise. He's a former member of Soto's sabertooth tiger pack, but warms up to Sid and Manny as the movie goes on.

Why He Rocks

  1. He is very mature and usually serious unlike the rest of the herd.
  2. Despite starting off as an antagonist earlier, he was very thankful for Manny saving his life from falling into lava on the first film. This pushes him to have a change of heart and grow to respect the mammoth.
  3. When Soto tries to attack Manny near the end of the first film, Diego risks his life by fighting the enemy tiger in order to save his friend's life.
  4. Along with Manny and fellow sabertooth tiger Shira, he's the most levelheaded member of the herd.
  5. Despite being the more serious members of the herd, he can have a fun-loving personality every now and then, which allows him to give us funny moments such as the "Move, sloth!" line and the "Where's the baby?" bit.
  6. Denis Leary did a great job voicing him.
  7. His design is pretty cool.
  8. He gave us the "Who's up for round two?" meme from the first film.
  9. While he got flanderized in the 5th film, he still remains likable and is the least flanderized of the main cast.

Bad Qualities

  1. He started off as a bad guy working for his pack in order to eat the baby on the first film, before he redeemed himself.
  2. He can be temperamental at times.
  3. Along with Manny, Sid, Crash and Eddie and Scrat, he has received some flanderization on the fifth films where he became much blander and kind of pointless, though not as bad as with Manny and Sid's flanderization where they became much more dumber and grosser than with Diego.