Dendy is a major secondary character in OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes. She is a young hero and works primarily with gadgets and technology. Her first introduction in the series was in the short, "Dendy", and her first episode appearance is in the episode "I Am Dendy".

Why She Rocks

  1. Dendy is very intelligent and driven and enjoys helping friends.
  2. The first friend Dendy made was K.O.; the two met when Dendy requested his help finding backpack supplies in "I Am Dendy" as an excuse to hang out with him.
  3. Dendy can seem a bit distant and does not seem to understand social norms, but is enthusiastic and kind once befriended.
  4. She is huge lover of cards and card-collecting, having a large collection of Pow Cards.
  5. When pursuing a goal, she sometimes shows a lack of regard for others, as demonstrated in "I Am Dendy" when Dendy suggests dismantling Mr. Logic in order to get a glorb, or in the episode "Mystery Science Fair 201X", when she experiments on K.O. without a regard for his well being, simply to push him to his limit.
  6. Despite this, Dendy means well and is a truly wonderful kid, and wishes to develop beyond her current view of just science, and learn about how to be open with her emotions.
  7. Dendy has also been shown to be extremely fast and strong, able to run at speeds shown to rival or exceed K.O.'s, and she can easily pull K.O. alongside her while running.
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