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Davy Jones is the main antagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. He's the dark lord of the Seven Seas, the captain of the Flying Dutchman and the archenemy of Captain Jack Sparrow. He's played by Bill Nighy.

Why he rocks

  • Wonderfully animated with a wide rage of emotions such as rage and sadness. Since his first appearence his presence is powerful.
  • His menacing, spine-biking voice that Bill Nighy provides is one of the best performances in cinema history which is surprising since it's supposed to only be motion capture but the actor does a great job even without motion capture as shown in the behind of the scenes.
  • He is also a very intimidating villain, he scares even his own crew and even his nemesis Jack Sparrow fears him.
  • Sold every opportunity to be free to do whatever he wanted to be with his lover but when she bertrayed him he was forced to do a job that he did'nt like and to be unable to step on land once every ten years and when he tried to abandon his duty he became the deformed octopus-looking monster he is today.
  • As Dead Man's Chest ends, we get a sight of Davy Jones's crew saying that Jack Sparrow truly lose this time. Jones tells them to open the chest to be sure that they won which shows that he actually respects his nemesis and dosen't understimate him.
  • He is shown to have an honorable side. While he manipulates, blackmails and murders innocent people, he respects their deals and he's pretty mad when someone dosen't respect their part of the deal.
  • He dosen't like to be told what to do which is showed during his riluctant alleance with Cutler Beckett that ended with him killing Ian Mercer and bertraying the tyrannical lord of the East Trading Company taking back the command of the Flying Dutchman.
  • Only villain of the franchise to ever outsmart Jack which is one of the reasons he's the overral main antagonist of the series.

Bad Qualities