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David Rose is one of the main protagonists of the CBC series Schitt's Creek. He is a member of the central Rose family, the son of Johnny and Moira and the older brother of Alexis Rose. His initial stories revolve around his attempts to adjust to the family's sudden loss of wealth and subsequent banishment to Schitt's Creek, a small town his father purchased as a joke for his birthday years earlier. As the series progresses, David's story focuses on his small business, Rose Apothecary, and his romantic relationship with Patrick Brewer.

He was portrayed by Dan Levy, who created the series alongside his father Eugene Levy.

Why He Rocks

  1. Even if he's the "voice of reason" in the family, he still manages to be pretty funny.
  2. He's responsible, very kind, and very enthusiastic about things he's interested in.
  3. He's very responsible - especially compared to the rest of the Rose family.
  4. He is unashamed of being gay and nerdy. The casual treatment of his sexuality and the absence of any homophobia is rare for sitcoms.
  5. This performance put Dan Levy on the map.

Bad Qualities

  1. He can get overly dramatic at times.
  2. In the first few episodes, he was particularly lazy and unlikable.


  • Dan Levy and several critics agree on the role Schitt's Creek's depiction of David's pansexuality plays helped some viewers better understand the LGBTQ+ community.