Dr. David Huxley is the main protagonist of the 1938 screwball comedy film, Bringing Up Baby. He's a hard-working, but bumbling paleontologist who works in a history museum and ends up crossing with Susan, having to go along with her.

He was portrayed by Cary Grant.

Why He Rocks

  1. Cary Grant does a surprising great job play the mild-mannered, dorky scientist. Also it's a drastic change from his usual roles as cool and charming guys.
  2. He's a hard-working and successful paleontologist, despite all of his bumbling moments.
  3. He suggested to being pretty strong despite staying indoors most of the time. As he had wrestled a young leopard off-screen.
  4. He's got hilarious running gags going around him, such as the Mr. Peabody gang where he's constantly being pulled away from him.
  5. He shares great chemistry with Susan Vance, even though he initially wanted nothing to do with her.
  6. "I just went GAY all of a sudden!"
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