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"See this badge? Cleanest cop car."

Darryl Steven Parks is the father of Chyna and Cameron Parks and the husband of Roxanne Parks. He is also a highly decorated member of the San Francisco Police Department. He loves his children and will do anything to protect them. He's also commonly mistaken for a mall cop by many of the children at Chyna and Cameron's school. He won a badge for San Francisco, cleanest cop car. He’s a good recurring character in the show, and is a good father to his children.

Why He Rocks

  1. He is a good and funny character in the show, being the father to the Parks kids.
  2. He has some funny moments, such as his running gag of him being mistaken as a mall cop, and the moments when he is a funny, scaredy cat.
  3. He’s the nice friendly parent who tries his best at his job, and is usually hilarious whenever he messes up, or is just lazy sometimes.
  4. He does grow from being a scaredy cat to being a more serious cop in Season 2, which is good to note.
  5. He’s a good man to his family. He’s a good husband to Roxanne, keeping her company. and they have a good marriage. He’s also a good father to Chyna and Cameron, and is always there for them when they need him.
  6. His father skills are good, as he’s always protective of his kids, and gives them proper punishments if they do anything wrong, like when he grounds Chyna for going to Lexi’s party against his orders.
  7. He’s very caring for his children, and does anything for them, like when he lets Chyna stay in the A.N.T. program to pursue her dreams of being a musical star, and when he helps Cameron with his 1,000 word essay.
  8. He, along with the rest of his family, are considered the only likable characters throughout most of the show.
  9. He was a very popular character when the show was on back then, and even without a cult following, many viewers would see him as a good character.
  10. When he had his final appearance in the Season 3 premiere, "trANTsferred", he got a slight character development like the rest of the cast, making him even better, if only slightly. He wished Chyna luck before she went to Z-Tech school, and gave her a new guitar the whole family paid for.
  11. Finesse Mitchell did a good job playing as him.

Bad Qualities

  1. He can be unlikable sometimes.
  2. He can be overprotective of his kids at times, like doubting that Chyna can go through the challenges at the A.N.T. program.
  3. While his laziness is usually funny, he can sometimes be too lazy, to the point where he has others do things for him, especially Cameron.
  4. While he still loves his son, he sometimes neglects him, mainly because Cameron didn’t have his talent yet before Season 3 while Chyna always had her’s.


  • He has a fear of flying.
  • Darryl is one of the less smart people in the series (the others being Paisley and Gibson).
  • He is a fan of bacon and the bacon truck.