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Danger Mouse is the titular protagonist of the Cosgrove-Hall animated series of the same name & the 2015 reboot. He teams up with is companion, Ernest Penfold to save all of England from the evil Baron Greenback.

Why The 80's Version Rocks

  1. He's smart, fast and cunning. Leaving him to save the world in a single day.
  2. He makes witty remarks whenever he sees something out of the ordinary.
  3. He cares about the well being of everyone around him.
  4. He catches on when the world is in an unusual state.

Why The 2015 Version Rocks

  1. He's a huge improvement to the original. while he still cares about saving his friends, he now ready for what threat comes to them.
  2. He no longer fears danger in the opening them & enjoys when it goes after him.
  3. His eyepatch is now a miniature computer-like device that can scan mysteries and crimes.
  4. Alexander Armstrong did an excellent job portraying him & capturing his charismatic nature.
  5. He's willing to go the extra mile to stop a treat of the world, he would even go undercover to end the rein of terror.