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Daisy Duck is a character created by the Walt Disney Company, She is a sophisticated, anthropomorphic duck that is Donald Duck's girlfriend and Minnie Mouse's best friend. Being a fashionable diva, Daisy's main hobby is shopping and she can be seen wearing a blouse, hair bow, and high heels. Like Donald Duck, she doesn't wear any pants, as her feathers around her lowest region were made to suggest a skirt, however, she can sometimes be seen wearing skirts or long dresses to cover her bottom half.

Why She Rocks

  1. She is one of the most likeable characters ever created by Walt Disney.
  2. Her memorable friendship with Minnie Mouse.
  3. She is very supportive with her boyfriend Donald Duck and she loves him deeply.
  4. Her popularity made the collective group of The Faboulous Five (composed of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, and Donald Duck) being expanded and renamed as The Sensational Six.
  5. Her voice is very beautiful and doesn't get on people's nerves like Minnie's.
  6. As shown in Legend of the Three Caballeros, she loves her adorable nieces, April, May and June.
  7. Her personality is very unique amongst the rest of the Sensational Six due to the development of her character varying between cartoons.
  8. Ocassionally her wackiness was surprisingly funny.
  9. Due to her upper chest being very busty, some people may consider Daisy being more attractive than Minnie.
  10. Being more sophisticated than Donald, she is also the most mature member of the Sensational Six.
  11. When she was featured in a not-so-good show called Quack Pack, she was one of the best parts of the show due to her quirky personality as a reporter. Her antics in that show translated very well into Modern-Day Suburbia.
    • Speaking of which, her maturity from past Disney shorts to this cartoon made her relate to adults a lot more.
  12. She’s portrayed very well in most of the TV shows, such as Mickey Mouse (2013), The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures, Mickey Mouse Funhouse, and DuckTales (2017).

Bad Qualities

  1. Even though she is very loyal to Donald in video games and animation, they don't seem to have a very good relationship in the comics.
    • Because of that, she can be very abusive to Donald and dump him for no reason, and to make matters worse, she doesn't stand Donald or his cousin Gladstone Gander flirtating with women that are not herself.
      • In The Legend of the Three Caballeros has the worst version of Daisy Duck ever presented, as she becomes extremely abusive to Donald and very often breaks up with him.
  2. She often scolds Donald for his tantrums, even though she has her own temper tantrums, albeit much better controlled.
  3. In Mickey Mouse Works, she is seen causing trouble with her best friend Minnie Mouse.
  4. There are flanderized versions of her, sadly. The examples being Legend of the Three Caballeros (the worst version of Daisy), Mickey Mouse Works, and Disney's House of Mouse.