Cuphead is the main protagonist of the 1930's style indie game, Cuphead.

"C'mon, Mug! We have to find the Elder Kettle. He'll know what to do!"

Why He Rocks

  1. He introduced the 1930's cartoon to a very modern generation.
  2. He always shows confidence and determination in the face of danger.
  3. He is a fun-loving risk taker.
  4. Inspired by the common 1930's protagonist, he is cheeky and charming, yet mischievous.
  5. He is a kind-hearted hero with good intentions, like when he set everyone's souls free.
  6. He has a unique fighting style, from shooting to planes.
  7. Very unique and cute character design.

Bad Quality

  1. According to the introduction, he had a very greedy personality.
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