Craig Williams is the best friend of J.P. and Kelsey and the titular main protagonist of the 2018 Cartoon Network television show, Craig of the Creek. He is voiced by Phillip Solomon.

Why He Rocks

  1. He’s got a great thrill-seeking personality with a wonderful sense of adventure.
  2. He’s shown to have some amazing creativity when it comes to going on adventures with his friends, J.P. and Kelsey.
  3. He has many tricks up his sleeves, despite being only 9-years-old.
  4. He has last minute thinking and making up things as he goes along has shown to solve most of his conflicts and problems.
  5. Unlike most modern kids, he’s shown to embrace nature and get a good amount of some fresh air and vitamin D.
  6. He has quite an awesome imagination.
  7. He’s also shown to be able to build anything he can with just the stuff he finds in the Creek.
  8. Even though he spends most of the time in the Creek with his friends, on occasions, he’s shown to have a caring side for his family and finds ways to spend time with them as well.
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