Cowgirl Jessie


Jessie is the tritagonist of the Toy Story series created by Pixar Animation Studios. She is part of the Woody’s Roundup toyline, where she wanted to go to Japan, but then decided to become one of Andy’s toys.

Why She Rocks

  1. She is voiced by the great Joan Cusack.
  2. Her tomboy-esque character design is so cute.
  3. Her very cutesy laugh.
  4. Her most famous yodeling: Yodel-ay-hee-hoo!
  5. Her happiness and tomboyishness is so adorable.
  6. She accepted her true purpose to be played with after Woody and Buzz saved her from the plane being bound for Tokyo.
  7. She is cute, friendly and enjoys being loved by a kid.
  8. She is brave and athletic.
  9. She is confident, loyal, and helpful.
  10. Her theme song is extremely hilarious.
  11. Her funny and sweet relationship with Buzz Lightyear.
  12. She accepts responsibility as the leader of Andy/Bonnie's toys at the end of the 4th film when Woody gives her his sheriff badge, promoting her to Sheriff Jessie. She, along with the rest of Andy's toys and Forky, hug him goodbye and see him off with Bo Peep.
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