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"The things I do for love."

Courage the Cowardly Dog (or simply Courage) is the main protagonist and the titular character of the series Courage the Cowardly Dog. He is a pink dog who was found by Muriel and Eustace Bagge when he was abandoned soon after escaping a vet clinic in the town of Nowhere, Kansas.

Why He Rocks

  1. Courage, as the show's title suggests, is an extremely cowardly and anxious dog frightened easily by almost anything.
  2. Despite his fears, whenever he or his owners are in the complete face of danger, he will stop at nothing to save them.
  3. He has been presented as an almost entirely selfless character, working to benefit others with usually little to no regard for his own well being and risking his own life dozens of times simply to assure his owner's safety.
  4. His infamous scream which has helped him out in the past.
  5. Although his secondary owner, Eustace, is cruel to him, he is not offended by his harsh words and cruel tricks, especially compared to Muriel. 

Bad Quality

  1. Though he is willing to risk his own life to protect Muriel at all costs, his irrationality sometimes causes others to doubt his intuition.


  • Despite the show's title, Courage is actually the bravest character on the show.
  • Courage spoke English quite often in the first season, but from the second season onward, his dialogue became increasingly limited to gibberish, mumbling, and screams, only speaking occasionally or when he really had something to say.