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Oh I'm sorry, were you reading someone else's page? Well, now you're reading mine! My name is Control Freak and I'm a extremely talented, uber genius from the greatest animated series Teen Titans. Sit back, because I'm about to give you some reasons to adore me!

Why I'm Awesome

  1. I'm fully aware that I'm in a cartoon series, unlike some people.
  2. I'm meant to be an evil fanboy who wants the Titans attention, but I exceeded them!
  3. I created several reality warping gadgets and can enter the realm of TV!
  4. I may not be a successful villain, but I still have good publicity
  5. I'm one of the only characters who kept their charm in the GO! reboot. And Spoiler alert, I'm the one who CANCELLED THE ORIGINAL SERIES!

The Only Reason I'm Bad

  1. I'm the sole reason why the worst incarnation of Teen Titans exist... my bad.