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"Maybe not, but I am her son. And I made her a promise, to stand up to tyrants like you. Always!" ― Cole

Cole is one of the main protagonists in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He is Master Wu's student, the Black Ninja, the Elemental Master of Earth, and the son of the late predecessor Lilly and the Royal Blacksmith quartet member Lou. After his mother died from an unknown illness, his father sent Cole to the Marty Oppenheimer School of Performing Arts to follow his footsteps. Two days later, however, Cole ran away from school and began to send letters to his father to claim that he is actually following the path of becoming a dancer. As Cole climbed the tallest mountain in Ninjago, he first met Master Wu and realize his reason why he climbed the mountain. With Kai joining the team and meeting his teammates, Wu confirmed that he is the Black Ninja of Earth. He was one of the two leaders (along with Kai) of the original four Ninja before Lloyd's arrival to become the Green Ninja.

Why He Rocks (Literally!)

  1. He is physically the strongest member out of the Ninja. He has an amazing set of six-pack muscles!
  2. Second to Lloyd Garmadon, he had to go through rough times ever since he was young, such as his mother's death, his transformation as a ghost, and his fall from the Destiny's Bounty.
  3. He is talented at rock-climbing and dancing.
  4. He does get a good chemistry with his teammates.
    • He is Jay's best friend and former love rival who competed against him over Nya after realizing that she is perfectly matched with Cole according to the matchmaking machine.
    • His relationship with Nya developed over time since Season 3, as she is actually Cole's perfect match. In Season 5, she comforted him after his saddening transformation as a ghost. Later, they became friends again after Nya chose Jay at the end of Season 6, and Cole respected her decision.
    • He and Kai respect each other and share several things in common such as their leaderships, confidence, etc.
    • He and Zane share their serious and mature personalities. Cole is the only one who rescued him from his imprisonment at Master Chen's Island.
    • After Lloyd turned his ways from being a troublemaker to a Ninja, Cole gets along very well him, as he, Kai, Jay, and Zane trained him to become the Green Ninja.
  5. He is FINALLY the focus Ninja of a season called Master of the Mountain. We get to see his long-awaited character development and his saddening backstory involving his sick mother who inherited her powers to him. Before Lilly's death, he promised her to stand up against to those who are cruel and unjust, which is important to the main pain plot of the season.
  6. One of his best relatable is his obsession with food, especially cake.
  7. His growl while performing the "Triple Tiger Sashay" for the first time sounds very sexy.
  8. He has an awesome power that he unlocked on "Day of the Departed" called Earth Punch (also called RX Powers and Lava Arms). He is able to use it with one punch or one smash (which is similar to Saitama, the main protagonist of One Punch Man).
  9. He is the only Ninja who watched over and protected Master Wu (who was affected by the Reversal Time Blade) in Season 8. He would be a great father to his future child(ren) someday.
  10. Throughout the series, he conquered ALL of his fears:
    • Dragons - Befriending his Earth Dragon, Rocky.
    • Snakes - Making peace with all of the Serpentine Tribes.
    • Ghosts - Accepting his transformation as a ghost.
    • Singing in public - Following Zane's plan to sing in front of the Sons of Garmadon at Laughy's Karaoke Bar.
  11. Kirby Morrow (who voiced Miroku from Inuyasha and Teru Mikami from Death Note) did a great job voicing him.

Bad Qualities

  1. Like the rest of the Ninja as of Season 8, he lost his abilities of using Airjitzu and summoning his Elemental Dragon, so he won't look overpowered.
  2. About six months after the events of Season 10, he lost his six-pack muscles because he and his friends became softer by playing too much video games and eating too much food to celebrate their victory of defeating the Oni army.
  3. His movie counterpart from The Lego Ninjago Movie is nearly the complete opposite of his TV counterpart.


  • In "Double Trouble," it reveals that he loves cake.
  • His favorite color is orange, but he doesn't want to tell anyone about it.
  • He is the third Ninja to unlock his true Potential.
  • He is the only Ninja who turned into a ghost by Sensei/Master Yang until he turned back into a human in "Day of the Departed."
  • Season 13: Master of the Mountain is the first season that Cole is the only the focus character.
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