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Cody Denis Nutkiss-Calvin or simply Cody, is one of the main characters in SuperMarioLogan. He is a (now-) teenage, nerdy homosexual Magikoopa and is best friends with Bowser Junior, Joseph, and Jeffy, despite often being made fun of by them.

Why He Rocks

  1. He first appeared in the Bowser Junior's Summer School series as a socially awkward, nerdy little kid with medical disorders but he has since become the main character and has become more mature, logical, and an unashamed, raging homosexual.
  2. Unlike Bowser Jr. and Joseph, Cody has common sense and is the smartest of them.
  3. His appearance looks cute.
  4. He has made some great songs, like "Get Hunky".
  5. He has tons of funny moments.
  6. He has some likable and entertaining videos related to him, like Cody Meets Harry, Hunky Cody, and Spoken.
  7. He gets along well with some characters, mainly his friends, Bowser Junior and Joseph.
  8. Pablo did a very good job voicing him.

Bad Qualities

  1. His constant gay jokes about how he loves Ken can be extremely annoying, especially since he denies the fact that Ken is a doll.
  2. His gay jokes in general can be pushed to the point of nausea, such as the infamous scene in "Heartbroken where he makes Bowser Jr pull a long sausage out of his mouth.
  3. His last name Nutkiss can come off as childish and juvenile.
  4. He throws temper tantrums when he beats Bowser Junior in some older SML video.
  5. The design for his human puppet design is one of the worse received because it doesn't resemble him much, just like the other puppets (aside Junior) that don't resemble the plush form of the characters.
  6. Despite being portrayed as the most sensible of Junior's friend trio there are occasions where he is as bad as, if not worse than his friends, which does make him out to be somewhat of a hypocrite:
    • The Remote: Cody goes on an infamous five year long raping spree with the titular remote and afterwards tries to tell Junior to not abuse the remote's power.
    • Cody's Prank: Cody lies about his parents tragically dying in a car crash, which is offensive and disrespectful to people who actually lost their parents in a car crash, and is out of character for Cody since he usually tries to be as respectful as possible in situations like this.


  • In 2021, he, along with every other Mario character, had been permanently turned into SML human puppets that don't resemble the games due to legal issues with Nintendo.
  • He is Logan, Pablo, and Lovell's favorite character.
  • In his earlier appearances, he tried to deny his homosexuality, even though it was extremely obvious he was gay. In newer videos, he is openly gay and he unapologetically engages in bizarre sexual activities, even in front of his friends.