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Coco Bandicoot is the tritagonist in the Crash Bandicoot series and the highly intelligent and spirited younger sister of Crash Bandicoot. Just like her brother, Coco was an ordinary bandicoot until she was taken from the jungle and genetically enhanced by Nitrus Brio and Neo Cortex, then later escaped on her own.

Why She's Great

  1. She is capable of hacking through technology using her laptop.
  2. She admires her big brother and even mimicks his iconic dance in the N. Sane Trilogy.
  3. She can ride on a tiger cub named Pura, a jetski, a plane, a snowboard and a spaceship.
  4. Because of her playability in the N. Sane Trilogy, she plays almost like her big brother Crash, but with tons of unique animations to stand out.
  5. She is generally depicted as cheerful and high spirited.
  6. She once helped Nash with his insomniac problem by hacking into his brain in order for him to get some sleep.
  7. She learned how to stand up for herself by watching martial arts films.

Bad Qualities

  1. She usually sends Crash on errands such as cleaning the house and getting a laptop battery for her; when she could've done these tasks herself.
  2. Her playability in Wrath of Cortex seems to be a watered-down version of Crash's gameplay, such as only kicking instead of spinning.