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The MCU TV show, Loki'!
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Classic Loki is a character who appears in Episodes 4 and 5 of the MCU television series, Loki. He is a Loki variant who finds Loki Variant L1130 in the Void and helps both him and Slyvie in bringing down the TVA.

Why He Rocks

  1. Unlike his other variants, Classic Loki is very humble, jovial and doesn't care at all about being a king or grabbing power.
  2. His backstory is very sympathetic and tragic, since he chose to exile himself in order to avoid hurting anyone else. But he began to miss Thor, and the moment he tried to go find him, he was arrested by the TVA and sent to the Void.
  3. He saves Loki, Kid Loki and Alligator Loki from the other Lokis, and he's clearly fed up with all their bullshit.
  4. He's clearly the strongest version of Loki, since he's got skills other Loki's don't have, such as creating portals, more accurate illusions, and in his most BADASS moment, he was able to conjure an illusion of Asgard itself to fool Alioth. He also stated in once scene he conjured an illusion so realistic that even the mighty Thanos was fooled by it.
  5. He sacrifices himself in order to give Loki and Sylvie enough time to enchant Alioth, laughing in the face of death.
  6. Richard Grant does a PHENOMENAL job of portraying Classic Loki.
  7. He manages to carry the entire episode and make the audience love him in spite of his limited screentime.
  8. His costume is based off of his classic comic book appearance.