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"NO!" - Chuckie’s first word to the adults in "Rugrats in Paris: The Movie"

"Your right, Dad. Christmas does begin and end with family."

Chuckie: "Step away from the reptile, Angelica! Now, I know to you guys Reptar may not mean a lot, but he does to me. He was once my favorite toy, and if I remember right, he was your guys too. The first movie we saw was Reptar, he was our first cereal, our first snack bar, our first…ice show was Reptar on Ice."
Dil: "(chuckles) You guys went to see an ice show? (chuckles)"
Chuckie: "Reptar even gave me a mom."
Dil: "(chuckies, then stops) Oh."
Chuckie: "And a sister. If we hadn’t gone to Reptarland, my dad wouldn’t have met Kira and Kimi."
Kimi: "And I wouldn’t be here with you right now."
Chuckie: "I know I’m supposed to want to grow up, but maybe, I don’t want to do it as fast as you guys."
- Chuckie’s heartwarming speech that touched his friends and sister’s hearts, even Angelica's

Charles "Chuckie" Crandall Watanabe Finster is a fictional character from the Nickelodeon animated television series' Rugratsand All Grown Up!. He is Tommy Pickles's best friend, the son of Chaz and the late Melinda Finster, stepson of Kira Watanabe Finster, stepbrother of Kimi Finster, and the major tritagonist (originally, deuteragonist before the introduction of Dil Pickles). He was first voiced by Christine Cavanaugh, then Nancy Cartwright in Seasons 8 and 9. In Rugrats in Paris, he is the main protagonist.

Why He Rocks


  1. He is very loyal to his peers, as he cares about his family and friends very much.
    • He’s loves his dad, Chaz, very much, as well as his step-mom, Kira, and his step-sister, Kimi, and always tries to make them proud, as well as trying his best of being a good big brother to Kimi.
    • Chuckie cares about his friends very much, Phil, Lil, Susie, and especially his best friend, Tommy, and is always there for them, like when he came back to Tommy to defend him and Dil from the monkeys in The Rugrats Movie.
  2. While timid, he remains a cute and kind boy, like when he’s friendly to even Angelica at times.
  3. He can be brave sometimes, like when he was brave during Rugrats in Paris, and stopped the wedding of his dad and Coco by saying "NO!" as he was running in, saying his first ever word to the adults.
  4. He is very smart for his age, managing to use the Reptar Wagon to quickly get to Tommy and Dil and use the Banana food jar to lure the monkeys away from them in The Rugrats Movie.
  5. Though he is scared of many things, he tries really hard to be brave, like when he went through his dad’s greenhouse to help Tommy when he was struggling with a water hose in "Farewell, My Friend".
  6. Incredible voice acting by the late Christine Cavanaugh.
  7. While he got slightly flanderized in seasons 7-9, he still remains likable for the most part.

All Grown Up!

  1. He is more mature in this series.
  2. Same personality.
  3. His cute crush on Nicole Boscarelli.
  4. He also became braver than he was as a kid, and is not easily scared anymore.
  5. He can be a big risk taker at times, which is awesome.
  6. Just like in the original Rugrats, he is very smart and knows how to help his sister and friends, like convincing them to keep Reptar Jr. and teaching them that you should take your time growing up and shouldn’t do it too fast, which touched their hearts.
  7. Nancy Cartwright did a better job voicing him in this series than she did in Rugrats.

Bad Qualities


  1. He is very quick to panic, like the times Angelica easily scares him.
  2. Like all of the other Rugrats, he cries a little too often throughout the series, which can get annoying (although this is understandable since he is a baby).
  3. He got slightly flanderized in seasons 7-9, where he became even more of a coward than usual. His step-sister Kimi didn’t help with that, but he kept most of his charm.
  4. He was unlikable and out-of-character in "Grandpa’s Bad Bug" and "Hold the Pickles" for torturing Grandpa Lou and Dil, respectively, with his friends (in both cases), and Kimi (in the latter).
  5. Nancy Cartwright was not that great at voicing Chuckie when he was younger, as she made him sound more stuffy.

All Grown Up!

  1. He can be a little bit stereotypical.


  • Out of all the main Rugrats, Chuckie has the most episodes centered around him.