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"Ladies, GET BIZ-ZAY! We're gonna be layin' some eggs TONIGHT!"

-Chuck,The Angry Birds Movie

Chuck is the deuteragonist of the Angry Birds series. He's Red's best friend and the quickest of the birds.

Why He Rocks

  1. He's very funny in the official animations, especially Angry Birds Toons and the movie.
  2. Josh Gad does surprisingly good at voicing him, sounding almost like his original VA, Antti LJ Pääkkönen.
  3. His ability of speeding up while in mid-air is surprisingly useful against wood buildings. His Angry Birds 2 description says it best itself: "Good with wood!".
    • It's also at its best in Angry Birds Go!, making him the fastest character in the whole game.
  4. He can run pretty fast for a non-flying bird (100 mph according to the Angry Birds 2 website), though not nearly as fast as Sonic or The Flash (but he could probably outrun Road Runner).
  5. It's revealed in Angry Birds Toons that he's quite skilled at karate, which is a first for him.
  6. It may not always look like it, but he's as protective of the eggs as Red and the others.
  7. Despite his smug and cocky nature, he has quite a large amount of value and respect for his friends.
  8. He was used as base for a homage to Freddie Mercury and Ayrton Senna.
  9. He can hurt every enemy at once in Angry Birds Epic.
  10. He can sometimes be a bit smart when he wants to, as seen in the Toons episode Egg Sounds, where he figures out that he, along with Red and Matilda, were being pranked by the Blues. He then quickly scares them away by impersonating some sort of monster.
  11. He could be considered the Luigi for Red's Mario, even though they aren't brothers and don't get along as good.

Bad Qualities

  1. He tends to be clueless and ignorant at times, and this often will get in the way in dire situations.
  2. Chuck is always up to his latest mischief and can be rude to the other birds. This causes him to get into trouble with them, Especially Matilda.
  3. Despite what's mentioned in WHR#4, his fighting practises can often lead to catastrophe around him.
  4. He manages to get very distracted and at times cannot focus on the task handed to him due to things that catch his mind.
  5. In the 2nd season of Toons, he was flanderized, becoming an annoying idiotic jerk who cares more about looking cool than protecting the eggs. He also gets too much screen time.


  • Ayrton Senna is the sixth bird to be based on a real person, the first three being the Developer Birds (based on Peter Vesterbacka, Jaako Iisalo, and Serdar Soganci), Freddie Mercury is the fourth, Slash being the fifth, Shakira being the sixth, Theo Walcott being the seventh, Cebk Tosun being the eighth and Gylfi Sigurdsson being the nineth. He is also the second bird to have his character modeled on Chuck, the first being Freddie Mercury. They are also the only birds made in tribute to deceased people (Freddie died in 1991 and Senna died in 1994).
  • The reason why you have to win 41 races as Senna to get his helmet is that this is the same number of victories the real Ayrton Senna had during his Formula One career.
  • Chuck's select voice is actually one of the grumbling sounds for one of the extra birds. This is notable with Hal, as his original select and launch voice are also grumbling sounds ( although it was changed since the Ham o' ween update ).
  • When he turns into a corpse, Chuck rolls like a ball, even though his body is a cone.
  • In the early cutscenes before the Birdday update from Angry Birds, Chuck was the same size as the Blues along with having a similar design to Red but was later on changed to his normal appearance.
  • Chuck has astraphobia, a great fear of thunder, shown in Thunder Chuck.
  • In The Angry Birds Movie, Chuck is shown to be left-handed. This can be proven by various things he does with his left hand such as painting with it, raising it, and more. This can also be proven in the AMC promotion and the Regal Crown Club promotion, where he holds the cards and other items with his left hand.
  • Chuck and Matilda are the only birds of The Flock not to be circular, as Chuck is a Triangle and Matilda is an egg-shaped.
  • Despite being afraid of Terence, which is shown in Angry Birds Toons, Chuck is shown to be on neutral terms with him in the movie.