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"I don't have to listen to you, you're a dog, you don't have a soul!"

Christopher Cross Griffin is the middle child of Peter and Lois Griffin, the younger brother of Meg Griffin, the older brother of Stewie Griffin, and a major character in the long-running adult TV series, Family Guy. He is voiced by Seth Green.

Why He Rocks

  1. He’s pretty much your normal teenager in the show, but in a good way, as he’s the only normal one in his silly, likable family.
  2. He’s also a very kind boy to his friends, family, and neighbors, and will often help them whenever they need it.
  3. He is slightly-dim witted, something he gets from his father, but just like Peter, the things he does that are idiotic or ridiculous will still come off as hilarious.
  4. He is an incredibly talented artist, as seen in "A Picture's Worth a Thousand Bucks".
  5. Seth Green does a great job voicing him.
  6. He loves his family very much:
    • He wants to make his parents proud, and wants to show them that he can succeed in life.
    • He has a normal sibling rivalry with Meg, but cares about her and will even ask her for advice sometimes.
    • He seems to be aware of Stewie being an evil genius, along with Brian, but he does love his little brother and spending time with him, even if he’s unknowingly the guinea pig to Stewie's experiments.
    • While Brian is the last family member he cares about, mostly because of Brian being smart and sarcastic, deep down, he does care about him like the rest of the family.
  7. While he has some flaws and wrong doings, he‘s shown to learn from his mistakes.
  8. Much like his father, he’s more understanding, and will realize the error of his ways and learn something by the end of an episode, like when he got rid of his sentient pimple, Doug, after seeing how it was being mean to his family, and how he learned that he can’t use other people’s things to get away from his problems.
  9. He has many funny moments, along with spawning many hilarious memes, a good example is the "You're not welcome here, go away!" meme.
  10. Whenever he mentions the Evil Monkey that lives in his closet, it’s hilarious and never gets old.
  11. While he was flanderized in Season 8, he was one of the few characters who wasn't flanderized into being a psychopath and a jerk, and he, along with Stewie and Joe, is still somewhat likeable for the most part.

Bad Qualities

  1. He was flanderized alongside the rest of his family since Season 8 and became a completely-dimwitted, uninteresting character who's only known for just masturbating all the time, known for going full idiot mode and is only used when Peter has had too much screen time, but he didn't see too much decline in character.
  2. He was unlikable in Better Off Meg as he was willing to betray Meg and he had her kidnapped just so he can be exalted at school.