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Chernabog is the protagonist villain of Disney's 3rd full-length animated feature film Fantasia's segment "Night on Bald Mountain"/"Ave Maria". He is the tyrannical ruler of a dark realm called "Bald Mountain", where he summons demons and dammed souls to sacrifice and do his bidding.

Why He Rocks

  1. He's one of the most fearsome and iconic villains ever created by Disney.
  2. He can summon demons, ghosts, witches and other sorts of monsters and can manipulate fire at his own will.
  3. He popularity led to him being a breakout villain, who made countless appears in other Disney media.
  4. He's basically a living example of fear and nightmares rolled up into a single creature. He's basically Satan in a kids' film. (Well, in a segment of the film.)
  5. Despite being a silent characters in the sequence, he still manages to be funny at times.

The Only Bad Qualtity

  1. He's weakened by sunlight, what makes him somewhat easy to defeat.


He, along with Maleficent, was the inspiration to create Blot, the main antagonist of Epic Mickey.