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Chef Pee Pee is one of the main characters from the puppet web series SuperMarioLogan. He is voiced by Lovell Stanton.

Why He Rocks

  1. He first started off as a goofy chef, with a silly voice and personality. And has gradually become more intelligent, having sharper wit when it comes to being comedic and sarcastic in later videos.
  2. While he does cook disgusting food, he does cook some actual meals, like his famous Tomato and Broccoli soup in the SML episode "The Restraining Order!".
  3. His Italian voice sounds good.
  4. Even when SML went downhill after Jeffy's introduction, he was the least flanderized and the most likable & relatable out of all the main characters.
  5. He can be nice to some characters, Mario would be an example unless Jeffy annoyingly screws up something.
  6. Like Donald Duck: When he gets angry, he makes a lot of people (including viewers) laugh a lot.
  7. He has his very own series called "Chef Pee Pee Quits!".
  8. His song "Chef Pee Pee is the best!" is pretty enjoyable.
    • Not to mention his own rap song "I Hate My Life", is also quite enjoyable due to how relatable it is.
  9. Even though he hates Bowser and Junior most of the time, he actually did nice things towards them.
    1. In "Bowser's Depression", he saved Bowser's life by performing CPR.
    2. In "Bowser Junior's 9th Birthday!", he tried to please Junior by rebuilding his birthday surprise.
  10. Most of his quotes are funny, this one's a good example.
  11. He could be funny in most of the episodes, even in the Jeffy era, like the episode where he pee himself peeing P's peeing peas.

Bad Qualities

  1. Even though he is the most likable SML character during the Jeffy era, there are some episodes in the era where he could be unlikable like "Jeffy's Birthday Surprise", "Bowser Juniors Punishment", "Bowser Junior gets Jinxed", "Bowser's House Fire" and "Junior's Embarrassing Video".
  2. He makes terrible meals, they look gross, they smell gross, but according to Mr. Goodman as said in "The Bet!", he said it tasted good.
  3. His name is pretty juvenile and childish, if not really gross.


  • His real name is Fernando Strongbottom.
  • His favorite song is "Bang my Sister".
  • He's actually the Melissa and Doug chef puppet.
  • He has a retarded clone named Chef Poo Poo.
  • His parents got a divorce over Monopoly.