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Charlotte "Charlie" Newton often known as Young Charlie is the main protagonist of Alfred Hitchcock's 1943 film Shadow of a Doubt.

She was portrayed by Teresa Wright.

Why She Rocks

  1. Teresa Wright is nearly perfect in her performance as Young Charlie, who manages to be emotional and pleasant when necessary but can also handle dramatic moments exceptionally well.
  2. As the oldest child of her family, she really knows how to step and take matters into her own hands. She's vows on protecting not only her younger siblings, but the entire family from any harm that may come their way. She even protected her uncle from getting photographed by the detectives prior to finding out about his true nature.
  3. Her chemistry and interactions with her uncle Charles (along with the transitions related to them) are some the main highlights of the film.
  4. She's incredibly smart and excellent at observations and details. She was stated to be the smartest girl in her class in school and won a debate against the East Richmond High School single-handed. That's how smart she is. And she gets to show off her smarts in the main film when she detects that Jack Graham was a detective rather than a surveyman like he said, and notices something suspicious with her uncle and his quirks, and is able connect the dots to his history when not even her own parents were indifferent about anything he does. In other words, Charlotte's pretty much the smartest member of her family.
  5. She goes from a slow and unforced transition from childlike innocence and yarning for more out of her life into a cynical and more mature woman who learns to be grateful for events she's going through, thanks to her revelations about her uncle's true nature.
  6. Despite everything she's been through, she still has restraints and a limit to just how far she'll go to protect others. She gives her uncle sympathy several times, even though she knew he was a bad person at that point, and refused to tell her family about his murderous nature, in fear that it would destroy them and ruin their lives. Even after he's dead, she still leaves everyone in the dark about the truth

The Only Bad Quality

  1. The film tries to establish a relationship with her and Detective Jack Graham, but it ends up being not very compelling or easy to root for. Graham being a Satellite Love Interest doesn't help matters in the slightest.