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Cecie is a 15 year old herder, and a major support character in the 2017 PlayStation 4 video game Gravity Rush 2. Having arrived in Banga through a gravity storm, she was adopted by the settlement's leader, Lisa. She becomes firm friends with Kat when she too arrives in Banga through a gravity storm.

Why She Rocks

  1. Cecie is just plain adorable. She may be incredibly timid, but that only adds to her cuteness!
  2. Cecie is just as sweet personality-wise, looking at Kat as a role model, wanting to make her adoptive mother happy, and wanting to feel like she has a purpose.
  3. She does actually grow as a character throughout the game, gradually becoming more confident, vocal, and self sufficient.
  4. She doesn't look like it at first, but she can regenerate crystals in mass quantities in her Durga Angel persona.
  5. Cecie always tries her absolute hardest to keep everyone around her, especially Lisa, happy by doing the best job she can.
  6. She has aspirations to be a much stronger character having seen how Kat acts.
  7. Despite only being 15 years old, Cecie is able to look after Banga when Lisa is away for important duties at the end of Gravity Rush 2.
    • Considering the comments she gets from Raven, Lisa, and Gawan, she must be doing a great job of it!
  8. Even after gaining control over her Durga persona, she gains her crystal manifestation power while retaining her sweet personality.
  9. Cecie was responsible for Kat regaining her shifting powers, having looked after Dusty for her.
  10. She holds Kat in high regard, admiring her strong will and optimistic outlook.

Bad Qualities

  1. Cecie may be cute, but she's also a little clumsy; she has on more than one occasion let some ducks escape from their pen, mainly because she is grooming her doll.
  2. When she becomes Durga Angel for the first time, she is rather unhinged, craving destruction.
  3. She is prone to endangering herself multiple times; four times, and twice she is captured.


  • Cecie was the only new character to appear in Gravity Rush - Overture, which is set before Gravity Rush 2.
  • Her name is very similar to "Cecilia", a Latin name derived from caecus, which means "blind" in English.
  • At just 15 years old, Cecie is the youngest of Kat's allies.