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“PJ Masks, all shout horray, cause in the night we save the day”- PJ Masks

Catboy Owlette and Gekko (Real Name: Connor, Amaya, & Greg) are the primary trios characters from the CGI-Animated TV Show PJ Masks They suiting up into the night so they can save the day!

PJ Masks Catboy Owlette and Gekko.png

Why They Rock

  1. They save the Day from Romeo, Luna Girl, Night Ninja, The Wolfy Kids, & More
  2. They stop Villains from mess everyone’s day
  3. Cute & Great Designs
  4. They teaches valuables lessons like teamwork, sportmanship, & selflessness
  5. They had Amazing Powers
  6. Very likeable characters

Bad Qualities

  1. They sometimes make mistakes Or cause accidents
  2. They Sometimes arguing with each other and not listening to each other
  3. They sometimes can be Unlikeable along with the all the Villains from the show
  4. They can get quite formulaic sometimes.


Catboy Owlette and Gekko's Alter Ego (Connor, Greg, and Amaya) (PJ Masks)