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Casey Jones is a supporting character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of Shadows. He is a cop turned vigilante and he is close to April and perhaps Mikey. He is different from his other counterparts.

He is portrayed by Stephen Amell, the actor for Oliver Queen in Arrow and a lead character in Heels.

Why He Rocks

  1. He is funny, while Raph, Leo, and Splinter remain mostly jokeless, Casey has nice humorous moments.
  2. Amell delivers the lines greatly; while he is explaining to his superiors what happened what happened to the convoy, he sounds amazed at how the turtles handle the situation.
  3. His fights scenes are well managed.
  4. His motive to do good keeps being undermined by other characters, like his boss telling him he has no chance. So it is understandable that he aids the turtles because they were closer to victory than the police during the convoy attack. He wants to have a purpose, so if you feel sorry for him for being knocked around then do not feel bad for feeling sorry.
  5. He helps April out when the turtles can not get there in time.
  6. His need to do good is relatable, and his motive to show worth is also relatable. Being told you are not antiquate by your boss can motivate you to prove yourself. He comes off sadder than the 1990s movies version of him.
  7. When he risked his life to give time for the turtles to escape the police, shows his trust in April and his motive to do good very well.
  8. He does not at first trust the turtles, because he felt disrespected, but after seeing their turtle tank he remembers it is the same truck from the convoy attack, which had been used to nearly catch Shredder, so he stays because April believes in them and Casey had been impressed with them.
  9. Unlike Vern, Casey is not arrogant.
  10. He is smart at fighting, like when he was fighting mutant BeBop and Rocksteady.
  11. Though Casey mainly had scenes with April, it could be assumed that at the turtles respected him more after he help save them and stop Krang.
  12. His friendship with April feels real and they make a good team.
  13. His dedication and risks go unnoticed.
  14. Despite being scared, Casey is among the humans that did not lash out at the turtles for looking different. He even defended them from the humans that hated them.

Bad Qualities

  1. He barely has much scenes with the turtles.
  2. He got bullied by the turtles, and it almost looks like an attempt at making the movie more humorous, but odds are a lot of people do not want to see Casey get bullied by the heroes.
  3. Unfortunately, his arc for being a detective may not have been instated. The movie ends without his boss apologizing to him or rewarding him.
  4. Since no sequel was made, he did not make friends with the turtles, not closely. Mikey did make fun of Vern after Casey talked him down, so that is a plus.