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Cartoon Network (formerly called "CN") is a recurring character in Power Friends based on his ongoing cable network.


In 1998, Cartoon Network wore a black hat that talks to him, a white shirt with the 1992 Cartoon Network on it, black shorts, black matching shows, and gloves. Then in 2004, Cartoon Network wore a blue short-sleeved crop top t-shirt with a light blue neckline, black leather cuffs, and sleeve cuffs that has the 2004 Cartoon Network logo on the front; a pair of light blue jeans and a pair of blue shoes. It is shown in 2005, that he also wears striped light-and-dark blue socks. Then in 2008, Cartoon Network wears black bracelets on his arms, wears a blue shirt that has the 2004 Cartoon Network logo on it, black shorts, white matching socks, and black matching shoes. He sometimes wears a black skirt to show him how girly he is. Finally in 2016, he wore a pink shirt with a blue sleeve-cut on the left and a yellow one on the right, checkerboard pants, and black shoes.

Personality (in 1998)

Cartoon Network is a wacky, cartoony, kooky, and stretchy cable boy back then until 2004. He often wild takes, do crazy stuff, and get flatten every time. He was like this at the age of 7 during the Powerhouse era. He's always clumsy and goes crazy if he gets hurt a lot. He's kinda rude sometimes.

Personality (in 2004)

Cartoon Network is known for his girly-girl and goody-two-shoes personality. As the optimist, Cartoon Network always looks on the bright side of things and finds a solution to every situation he is involved in. He loves rainbows, bunnies (cute animals), sparkles and anything else typically pretty, which is the opposite of Adult Swim, who likes things more targeted to a tomboyish and unisex demographic. He also cares a lot about how other people think, and tries not to be selfish. This makes Cartoon Network willing to help everyone and find solutions for anyone he cares. On the other side, however, he also hides his real mind and opinions in order to never disappoint others. He was like this at the age of 8 during the CN City era. Sure Cartoon Network is girly, but like back in 1998, he's still cartoony.

Personality (in 2008)

Cartoon Network has a habit of being a glutton, because of how he eats due by a few scenes of the series. Pizza is his favorite food because his stomach growls every time he thinks about it. In many sense, he is shown to twerk a lot. But Cartoon Network is a sweet, sincere and gentle little boy who's emphatic and aware of other people's emotions. He was like this at the age of 9 during the Noods era. He's always hungry and likes to ask questions.

Personality (in 2016)

Despite being the best cable boy in the world, Cartoon Network is often depressed and has bad dreams and premonitions about 'dark forces'. Unfortunately, no-one seems to listen or care. He sometimes say "¡No me gustan las cosas clásicas!" which translates to "I don't like classic things!". He makes a lot of meme faces in each episode. He has a full hatred on his classic shows. Unlike his sister Boomerang, Cartoon Network no longer airs classic shows due to his cringe. He hates 1990s shows, 2000s shows, and early 2010s shows. He only likes the critical-panned 2013 series "Teen Titans Go!". He was like this at the age of 11 during the Dimensional era. He's always frowning due to his negative viewers and hated shows.


Disney Channel

Cartoon Network and Disney Channel are shown to be lifelong friends ever since childhood. The two's personalities often support one another as Cartoon Network acts as encouragement for Disney Channel and Disney Channel acts as a voice of reason for Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network takes Disney Channel's advice to heart, rarely ignoring it


In Nickelodeon's introductory episode, Cartoon Network originally hated Nickelodeon's uncooth nature and his unfiltered comments about people. However, after Cartoon Network accidentally visited Nickelodeon's house and met his father, the two became friends.


Despite Jenny being antagonistic at first, Cartoon Network was very affectionate around her and found her to be really cute. Cartoon Network cares deeply for Jenny and saw good in her. At times he can act dependantly around her.

Chris Thorndyke

After being put in the same class and realizing how much they have in common, Cartoon Network quickly befriended Chris when he got off on the wrong foot with the others.


Out of all of the characters, Polly finds Cartoon Network to be her "main father". As a baby, Polly spent most of her time in Cartoon Network's care. As such, Cartoon Network is very sensitive about Polly's wellbeing and can let her concerns for her get in the way of some relationships.


Cartoon Network's rival for six years. They have a poor relationship and he is shown to often provoke and rile him up for no reason other than to see his respond; usually through violence. Harvey calls him "Cartoony"— a pun on his name and the definition word for clumsy. However, he comes to see him as a friend, and he enjoys knowing he is okay. Eventually, he gained feelings for him.


Another rival Cartoon Network is unable to get along with due to her arrogant and spoiled nature. Despite this, Cartoon Network also cares about her safety and happiness and he will do what she can to help him. Later in the series they eventually gain mutual respect for each other and begin to get along.


Cartoon Network is envious of Boomerang's maturity, which often leads to the two playing each other. This leads to Cartoon Network liking Boomerang due to her bright personality. Cartoon Network also takes to let Boomerang have on her side.

Cartoon Network United Kingdom

Cartoon Network's love interest is very sweet and kind. Cartoon Network United Kingdom first met him after he broke up with Kitten in 1996.


Cartoon Network first met Sasha when she was flattened by an anvil. Thus, the two of them get along.


Sasha's 15-year-old sister who is stretchy. Like Sasha, Tasha has a good relationship to Cartoon Network.

Ami & Yumi

Cartoon Network seems to get along with Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura. In 2004, Ami Onuki & Yumi Yoshimura first met Cartoon Network. From 2004 to 2012, Cartoon Network, Ami Onuki, and Yumi Yoshimura were best friends.


  • He was never in every TV show.
  • His Cartoon Network logo can be seen in each episode.
  • His name was based of the same name around the world.
  • In real life, he was never a name.
  • He only appeared in the web series.
  • These events didn't happen during the years.
  • He's stretchy (in 1998) like Rika and Lyloo.

Cartoon Network in 1998.

Cartoon Network in 2004.

Cartoon Network in 2008.

Cartoon Network in 2016.